Animation created for Vegan Scene's "Legends & Vibes" Kickstarter Campaign 2019
Vegan Scene - Kickstarter Campaign
Styleframes from animation
From Vegan Scene (
"Legends & Vibes is a brand dedicated as a statement to the modern fearless female. Our styles combine sophisticated edge with feminine glamour, and finish with a soft Southern California style."


Earlier this 2019 I had the opportunity to create an animated segment for use in Vegan Scene's new clothing line "Legends & Vibes" Kickstarter Campaign. It was an absolute privilege to learn more about the fashion industry's role in sustainability and cruelty-free products while working with a dedicated team of leading local ladies.

My involvement in this project included pitching styleframes, creating vector assets, storyboards, animatic, and final animation.
Hundreds of assets were created for use in this animation, with assistance from Alyssa Medina.

Alyssa Medina is an LA-based freelance motion designer specializing in 2D and 3D design/animation. She is influenced by each project's needs and enjoys a variety of styles custom-fit to each client.
Animation snippet from Phase 1: Development
Animation snippet from Phase 2: Pre-Production
Animation snippet from Phase 3: Manufacturing
Animation snippet from Phase 4: Distribution
Support local fashion boutiques! Start now with Los Angeles' very own Vegan Scene.

Instagram: @veganscene
Kickstarter Campaign: Legends & Vibes

Please check out Alyssa Medina's portfolio! This project would not have been possible without her quick vector magic. She is available for freelance in Los Angeles.
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